Debuted in 2012, Popz Topz is truly a brand over 60 years in the making. Crafted under the inspiration of style and an alteration of tradition. Founder, Ron Stephens, also known as Pop Legend or Popz, has spent a lifetime altering the origin state. Popz built a reputation for offering his altering touch on anything from clothes, cars, to his exquisite artwork. Now a retired factory worker, as an United Automobile Workers Union member layoffs occurred from time to time. With his family’s income determined by how well the company was doing, Popz made ends meet the best way he knew how; tailoring. Supporting a family of 6, Popz supplemented the family’s income with needles and thread.

Years later, the gifted artist and long time tailor found his greatest inspiration with an old straw hat. Just short of tossing the old straw hat, he thought, “What would that look like with a visor? The then 62-year-old father of the Grammy-winning singer, John Legend, went for a remix of his own.
He cut off the raggedy brim, took a baseball cap, chopped off the bill, and encased the bill in black leather. Finally, he sewed the bill onto the straw hat. At first, Popz was content to just wear his new hat around town. But, no sooner had he stepped out in his “remixed” hat, that people were asking…


"Man where'd you get that hat?"


So, he raided his closet and did the same to 10 more full-brimmed hats. People kept asking. The lifetime artist, tailor, hat wearer, and now haberdasher eventually decided to bring his hats to market.

Popz Topz is a hat line crafted for the creatively confident man and woman, with evolving style. It is a compliment of your personal style, whether in hard bottoms or sneakers, on the subway or the runway.

In the same spirit and care Popz designed his very own remixed hats, the hats are crafted with dexterity and delicacy by the Bollman Hat Company. Made in Adamstown, Pennsylvania our hats are created under 144 years of manufacturing excellence. With nearly 160 hands involved in its creation, Popz Topz presents a line of class, quality, and exquisite style.